• Market Prices on Brake Pads
Front and Rear pads replaced
2001 Ford Taurus, from these various shops

  • Leif's …………….…$516.00
  • Brake Team ……….$176.00
  • GoodYear …………$500.00
  • Vancouver Ford …..$358.00
  • Les Schwab ……….$540.00
  • The Brake Shop..…$320.00
  • Midas……………….$298.00
  • Mieneke…………….$300.00

Let’s make it Easier to Locate Shops that fix Brakes

  • Search for a Brake Specialty Shop on google. Any auto repair store would help you out with this task. However it is important to find an auto repair shop which understands brakes, and does brake jobs in volume. That knows the difference between good value and gives you experienced advice. While selecting a shop to get your vehicle serviced with replacement of brake pads you should know whether the shop offers you a thorough evaluation of the brake system, at no charge.
  • Free Inspection

    Some shops charge for a brake inspection. There is no need to pay for this service. Look for “Free Brake Inspection” If you are not confident in the ability of your car to run and you seem apprehensive about the brakes being firm and straight, maybe it’s time for your vehicle to go for a check-up. Most shops offer the basic brake job, which it is easy to compare prices on basic service. The basic package is brake pads replaced, rotors reconditioned, non sealed bearings greased, and air bled out of the system. Shop for this service, to compare prices.

    Few Standing Names in the Queue

    Find an auto repair shop that has the name ‘Brake’ as part of it’s name. It is essential for the shop to have extensive experience. For example, Midas an automotive store has developed a 55 point inspection process so that it can easily diagnose the health of the brake system of your car. A good Technician makes the task easier for you to understand as well.
  • So when your done, your car will race off smoothly every time your foot reaches the accelerator. And you will be sure what happens when the feet touches the brakes! With time a little attention needs to be paid to all brakes so that they do not wear off. There are specific auto repair shops made to care for this attention required by your car.

    Safety is the First Requisite

    Casually, a well maintained set of brakes should last you for thousands of miles but brake pads tend to need a rement since they face wear and tear with time. You need to find an auto repair shop that best provides this service. Regular replacement of brake pads is an important so you don’t end up with a big repair bill waiting too long. If worn out brake pads are used, the braking distance increases, brake rotors are put into risk and more importantly you risk your cars .
    A common human being like you and me would certainly not know all the parts of a brake system be it master cylinder, wheel cylinder, calipers, brake hardware, power brake booster or the anti lock brake sensors. In such situations it becomes imperative to locate a shop that is well versed in brakes, such as a specialist shop, that their main business in brake repair. There are auto shops, like Brake Depot, Brake Way, Brake Master, and Brake Team that will be available to the rescue with their shops, with experienced brake mechanic in most parts of the US.
    The next big thing you need to take care of is the cost incurring in the process. Get the cost of the basic brake service package (pads, rotor recondition, bleed system, grease seals) and which usually include brake system check up free of cost. Thus you need to know that the auto shop charges nothing for a mere check up.